Bradley Connlain

I love...sharing the bands' and our communities' past, but more importantly, being a part of what is yet to come. ... Read More

Chris Ochoa

I am so proud to be a part of an organization that is actively involved in promoting visibility and changing hearts and minds through musical performance. ... Read More

Kirk Read

This band connects me to a lineage of people using the arts to weave communities together. ... Read More

Ginnie Padgett

I am thrilled to once again have the joy of making music with like-minded musicians and spread the Band's mission throughout the Bay Area. ... Read More

Larry Hetrick

The band has brought more meaning to my life and more loving relationships. The SFLGFB has become a big extended family for me. ... Read More

Sue Leonardi

When I attended my first rehearsal I felt so accepted and supported as a person and musician - instant family! ... Read More