Jane Magid

I love the band’s joyful inclusiveness and believe its mission in the community is more important now than ever. ... Read More

Todd Pope

As a former high school band geek, I was thrilled to join a few years later and fill the band-shaped hole in my heart. ... Read More

Taka Aoki

I like how I can feel the impact of the music on other people and make connections between the crowd and band members. ... Read More

Ruth Keys

How amazing to be able to share my passion for music while Playing with Pride for community and social justice! ... Read More

Julie Williamson

My journey with the Band has been, quite literally, life changing. I have met so many wonderful people that I now consider family. My skills as a player continue to grow, and I love traveling with the band to play in new venues and new cities. ... Read More

Terri Gaydon

I was so incredibly full of joy for performing in a group again, that I pretty much cried the whole way through the concert. ... Read More