Brandon Moss

I love being able to perform in new places to make an impact on people who may never have experienced LGBTQ+ musicians! ... Read More

Guy Danus

This group is amazing and I've made many great friends and played lots of fun and interesting music. ... Read More

Pedro Acevedo

I joined the band because I wanted to keep music performance part of my adult life, but more importantly, I joined this organization because of its core mission of bridging divides and promoting understanding through music. ... Read More

Phillip Huff

Being in this band really made a positive difference in my life. The diversity of our membership, united by a shared passion for music, demonstrates the best qualities in each of us. ... Read More

Shawn Case

Making music is one of the earliest, most enduring and most rewarding form of "social media" out there today. ... Read More

Dean Caudill

I joined the SFLGFB as an opportunity for me to continue expressing my passion for music and to have the distinguished honor of being an ally of the LGBT community. ... Read More

Wes Kashiwagi

One reason I play with the Band is to promote gay Asian visibility. It’s important to me that gay Asians see someone that looks like them, and part of that is marching in globally-televised events like the Chinese New Year Parade. ... Read More