Pedro Acevedo

Before joining SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, I was a member of South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble and quickly realized that playing music as an adult is a great way to decompress and take my mind off all the distractions of everyday life. While playing I’m completely focused, in the moment, and my mind isn’t busy thinking about any outside “noise”.

One of the first items on my to-do list soon after relocating to the Bay Area with my husband was to join the SFLGFB. Joining the band has made the cross-country move much smoother in many ways. You instantly make 60+ new friends that are very welcoming and are more than willing to give you advice and answer questions on pretty much anything in the area.

I’ve played Alto Sax for many years and in 2019 decided to give Tenor Sax a try for the first time. I really like the fact that this band gives members the opportunity to expand their musical abilities and try other instruments.

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