Linda Werner

I joined the Band in 1979 and my first gig was a 6 a.m. Easter Service at Glide Memorial Church (what an intro)!

Other highlights include:

  • Performing at the first Gay Pride Concert in June 1979 at Grace Cathedral.
  • Our concert at Davies Hall in November 1980, shortly after it opened.
  • Playing in the first Dance-Along Nutcracker at the S.F. Gift Center in 1985 and many more since.
  • Marching with the Band at the National March for Lesbian & Gay Rights in Washington D.C. and playing with the L.G.B.A. band at D.A.R. Constitution Hall, both in October 1987.
  • Playing with the L.G.B.A. band along the parade route for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration in January 1997.
  • Playing at City Hall when the Band was permanently named “The Official Band of San Francisco” in December 2018.

It’s rewarding to see younger people getting involved and taking charge!

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