Chris Hewes

I am originally from the Boston area and had played oboe and saxophone with various orchestras and wind ensembles in Massachusetts. I moved to San Francisco for a dream job in water resources planning in 2015 after finishing grad school. A quick google search for community bands in San Francisco brought up the SFLGFB, which quickly became my main musical outlet, social life, and grounding in the greater LGBTQ+ community. I love to play with the Marching and Pep Bands and getting to see the faces of excited kids and adults alike when they experience our performances. I even picked up a new instrument – the glockenspiel (essentially a metal xylophone)!
What I value the most is that the SFLGFB is a historic institution that has had a real impact on the City of San Francisco and greater Bay Area. When you join, you become part of a band family spanning decades and with members from all walks of life.

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